Senior Product Designer

Garrett Albury is a designer, editor, and organizer based in New York City.

Currently building financial wellbeing experiences as a Principal Product Designer at Capital One.

He is the co-editor of, a weekly design-forward newsletter.

Garrett also co-founded Where are the Black Designers, a design activism non-profit.


Open to Work!

Digital Rebrand & Site Redesign

In its three years, grew from 14 subscribers to 14,000. I took on the project of building a new digital brand identity and designing a scalable, mobile-friendly CMS website built to last.


ABOVE:   Updated logo + header GIF
The previous branding for was outdated, but somehow retained a certain staying power. There was a strength to being bold and colorful, and with the updated branding package I took a measured approach to the fun.

Logo Type: Original Sans – Commercial Type


Updated Homepage
Desktop web

Guides, Cool Friends, Best of NYC
Mobile web
Our publication outgrew our simple website, and needed to expand into a thoughtfully designed template connected to a CMS manager. 

Top of mind was injecting the brand identity into the digital experience while still retaining a high level of scannability. These principles placed a strong emphasis on hierarchy throughout the desktop and mobile versions of the website. 

– © Garrett Albury