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Garrett Albury is a Graphic and Interaction Designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He likes weird typefaces, zines, and designing for social good.

Bread Book


w/ Anna Brettschneider

Bread Book is an illustrated zine full of other people’s bread recipes.  We’ve made every recipe in this book and left you our notes so you can do a litte better than us.

Proceeds benefit ROAR NY (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants).

︎ 44 Pages
︎ First Edition of 50
︎ Available until June 1 here

Work Trucks of NYC Zine


Work Trucks of NYC is a project that began by accident. While walking through the city beteween 2019 and 2020, I began to capture work truck lettering on my iPhone as typographic reference points. This a collection of my favorite trucks.

︎ 24 Pages
︎ First Edition of 15
︎ No longer available

How To: Side Projects



This deck is a revamped guest lecture & workshop originally given at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019. It is published to Google Slides for anyone to learn from :-)

Free Design


With every businesess closing across the US, and many restaurants navigating takeout and delivery for the first time, there is a key opportunity for design to play a part in helping to keep small businesses afloat. Following the lead of After Hours in Austrailia, I began to offer design service up for free to restaurants, bars, and grocers.

© 2020 – Garrett Albury ︎ ︎ NYC ︎
© 2020 – Garrett Albury ︎ NYC ︎